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JUNE 9, 2023

Fly-In Burger Burn

Join us for an open hangar event on Friday, June 9 from 5pm-7pm at Hangar 3! The Commemorative Air Force is in town for the weekend and Barnes-Westfield is hosting their Air Power Tour. Come check out the vintage warbirds on the main ramp, and come over to Hangar 3 after hours for a burger or hot dog! WAM event is free, however a donation is requested. 

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History Is Now

Aviation doesn't just mean pilot. There are several ways you can touch the dream of flight both old and new. If you have a passion for aviation, this is your place. 

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Don't just see it, live it

See aviation history take flight! All of our aircraft fly on a regular basis or are being restored for flight. A museum doesn't have to be static. Learn how they operate and how we keep them flying. 

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The Westfield Aviation Museum is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization made possible through membership and donations. Please help us share the joy of aviation with a donation!

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With your membership, you will be part of aviation history. Help us continue into the future! Along with flying aircraft, we have restoration projects like our Corben Jr. Ace and Cessna UC-78.