westfield aviation museum at Hangar 3

At the Westfield Aviation Museum, our mission is Preservation, Restoration, Operation & Education. We hope that your visit to our museum hangar is unique and unlike any other museum you've visited before. At WAM, we live and breathe aviation. Each aircraft shares a special story and has a place in history. Come and live aviation history with us. Our members range from aviation enthusiasts to professional airline pilots. If you have an interest in aviation, this is the place for you! 

In addition to the home of the museum, Hangar 3 is an active General Aviation hangar that is home to many different types of aircraft ranging from a 1929 Command Aire project, to a modern day RV-8 homebuilt aircraft. The Westfield Aviation Museum manages Hangar 3 for Westfield Aviation, LLC. The primary focus is on aircraft that hold a special place in history or represent a unique aspect in aviation. Currently, every aircraft in Hangar 3 is Conventional Gear. That means the main wheels are at the front, and there is a small tailwheel on the back. As we expand into the future, we hope to exhibit every facet of aviation! Stay tuned!

our goals


We are only the current caretakers of these aircraft. Their stories continue to expand with each day and each flight.


The museum currently has 3 restoration projects. We are working towards the goal of restoring our Cessna UC-78 Bobcat "Bamboo Bomber" WWII twin engine trainer. Current status is fundraising for engine and propeller overhauls before final assembly. 


Our aircraft do not sit idle. The museum member's participate in fly-over's, fly-in's, and other community events. We also fly for the fun of it!


The best way to learn something is to live it. The sights, sound, and smell of aviation is alive at the Westfield Aviation Museum and Hangar 3! Learn about what makes these airplanes fly, and how they shaped history. We host one large event per month which can range from a simple fly-in to aviation safety seminars. 

Want to Help?

The Westfield Aviation Museum is currently seeking a donation of a primary tailwheel trainer that will enable us to provide an inexpensive training aircraft for students and pilots to gain tailwheel experience with minimal cost. Our hope is that we can continue spreading the joy of aviation to the next generation.
How can you help? That's easy! Give us a call, send us an email, or just hit the blue button below!